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Empowering the health of "Generation-N"
Embracing "Innovation and Integrity"
Targeting the “Biome” 

We have a unique solution to health.

About us


GenieBiome can improve health in COVID-19, colorectal cancer, obesity, hyperlipidemia, autism, eczema, and hair loss.

GenieBiome is established by a team of internationally renowned professors of medicine and clinician-scientists from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. They are among the global top echelon of researchers in the field of the gut microbiome with strong academic standing and novel technologies.

90% of us are dominated by microbes in our bodies. GenieBiome pioneers the use of novel microbes as diagnostic markers and potential remedies for different diseases. With an exploding body of global research indicating that the gut microbiome plays a central role in health and disease, GenieBiome has rapidly positioned itself to be a leading force in the development of new diagnostics and therapeutics based on the gut microbiome.

It combines cutting-edge and disruptive technologies into a pipeline that enables the prediction of early cancers and debilitating chronic diseases.  

Utilizing our unique in-house dataset and those from publicly available sources, we have identified novel microbes as reliable, non-invasive biomarkers and developed proprietary machine-learning algorithms that can accurately predict disease risk. 

About us

Our Vision


To be the most innovative and scientifically driven, Asia-based microbiome biotechnology company that offers new solutions for global health.

  • Build the largest microbial dataset in Asia

  • Develop microbiome-based diagnostics and therapeutics solution

  • Offer precise, reliable, safe, and effective solutions to improve health outcomes.

Our Vision
Our Mission

   Our Story  

G-NiiB is our company trademark, GenieBiome is pioneering the use of microbiome metagenomics to improve human health.

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Our Story
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Empowering the health of Generation-N which is our Next Generation by providing personalized microbiome solutions.

Embracing Innovation and Integrity as our core values in our scientific discovery.

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Targeting the “Biome” of our micro-organisms as potential diagnostics and therapeutics.


  Value Proposition  

We have a unique solution to health

We use our unique metagenomics database to identify novel microbes as diagnostic tools and generate personalized therapy for conditions with unmet needs (Microbiome Precision). We offer tailored-made microbial replacement therapy to restore imbalance in gut microbes to improve health outcomes and prevent diseases.

GenieBiome is building one of the world's largest microbiome datasets in Asians including in the Chinese populations and providing a solution to better health in our next generation.

​We identify novel microbes as non-invasive diagnostic biomarkers and potential therapeutics for a variety of diseases.

Value Proposition
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