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We are making important advancements in medicine by harnessing the microbiome as a rich source of novel therapeutics...



"We aim to transform rigorous scientific insights into groundbreaking microbial products with clinical utility."

GenieBiome leverages one of the first and largest Asian human microbial data-driven approaches to therapeutic discoveries. Our expanding disease-specific microbial datasets in contrast with a comprehensive control dataset deliver a rich source of novel therapeutic candidates. We have exceptional ability to achieve accurate species, functional profiles, and metabolic-pathway analysis.

Our Targeted Microbiome Supplements were derived utilizing large metagenomic microbial datasets and machine-learning approaches to deliver missing microbes and their biologically important functions to correct “dysbiosis” in conditions associated with it.

Our Multi-functional Live Biotherapeutics uses a unique patented approach to isolate novel health-relevant bacteria and disease-specific bacterial isolates/metabolites for pre-clinical experiments with rapid development into effective biotherapeutics for treatment of human diseases.

Therapeutics Approach

Solution & Product


GenieBiome (Therapeutics) launched the G-NiiB Immunity product, a microbiome precision formula that improves immunity against Coronavirus (COVID)-19 and other respiratory infections tailored to Asians. 

G-NiiB Immunity Plus and G-NiiB Immunity Pro are unique microbiome Immunity formulas that can be used as dietary supplements. This formula uses big microbial datasets of over 1000 healthy individuals to select naturally-occurring prevalent live bacteria, in contrast with microbial profile of individuals with COVID-19. It utilizes patented microencapsulated technology from Italy to enhance live bacteria survival and delivery to the colon. Pilot data showed that it is associated with higher antibody response and less adverse effects following COVID-19 vaccine. It is clinically shown to be effective and safe in patients with local novel virus infection.

Therapeutics Solution & Product


G-NiiB Immunity+ Rejuvenate Your Unique Microbiome, Boosting Your Immunity

The FIRST and ONLY microbiome-based Immunity formula based on scientific data of novel virus patients


immune system

Specific for ASIANS

G-NiiB obtained exclusive patent# licensing from
The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 
For more information about the G-NiiB Immunity product, please click here

G-NiiB Immunity+

It helps to restore microbial imbalance and immunity 

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Why is the gut microbiota relevant to our immunity?

The gut microbiota regulates our immune system against infections. A number of recent landmark studies from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) discovered that patients with novel viruses suffered from a severe imbalance of gut microbiota (dysbiosis) with a decrease in beneficial bacteria which may contribute to susceptibility to novel virus infections and adverse clinical outcomes.

How will this product benefit me and my family?

The benefit of this microbiome immunity formula is not limited to only COVID-19 patients. In a separate study of 1,000 healthy people in Hong Kong, almost 40% showed significant dysbiosis and hence impaired immunity similar to that of COVID-19 patients. This formula has the potential to boost your immunity against emerging infections.

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