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GenieBiome follows the science where we can make the greatest difference, now and in the future.

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Discovery & Development


GenieBiome found 4 Bacteria gene markers for diagnosis of colorectal cancer and adenoma...

Diagnostics Platform

GenieBiome’s biomarker discovery platform utilizes in-depth metagenomic analysis of large human microbial datasets and in-house proprietary machine learning approaches to identify diagnostic microbiome signatures targeted to different human diseases. The gut microbiome is a rich source of biologically relevant biomarkers that can be transformed into precise diagnostic and prognostic tools. Clinicians can use them as non-invasive early diagnostic and monitoring tools to optimize clinical decision and improve patient care.

"Our proprietary microbial biomarkers are non-invasive, biologically relevant, and disease-specific..."





GenieBiome (Diagnostic) has developed one of the world’s first microbiome-based diagnostic products to disrupt the diagnostic landscape of cancer diagnosis. Starting with one of the top killers globally, colorectal cancer, we have identified species-specific bacterial gene markers for early detection of colorectal cancer and adenomas. Our bacteria markers can detect colorectal cancer early, when it can be cured; and it can detect adenomas and prevent cancer development.

  • WORLD'S ONLY non-invasive colorectal cancer risk prediction test that detects non-advanced adenoma and adenoma recurrence adenoma and adenoma recurrence.

  • 94% sensitivity for CRC, as robust as colonoscopy

  • Sensitivity for adenoma is superior to currently available non-invasive tests.

  • Up to 90% sensitivity for adenoma recurrence if users have removed adenoma within 10 years

  • Non-invasive, just stool sample is needed

  • Dietary recommendations included 

  • Patent-pending in Hong Kong, USA, Europe, China, and Taiwan.

  • Technology is exclusively licensed to GenieBiome Ltd. by The Chinese University of Hong Kong licensed

Using metagenomics analysis, we identified
20 gene markers that significantly differentiate CRC-associated and control microbiomes.

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Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) vs M3CRC

How does the M3CRC work ?​
  • It is performed using an at-home kit that includes a container for a stool sample with a preservative. 
  • That sample is then shipped to the HK-based laboratory for testing.
  • The results will be available within 15 working days upon arrival at the laboratory.
M3CRC Report include:
  • Risk indices for adenoma & colorectal cancer
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Provides indicator of gut health.
  • High scores indicate a hostile microbial environment that favours colorectal tumorigenesis.
  • Low scores indicate a healthy microbial environment.
When and how often to take M3CRC test ?
  • Over 45 years old:
    •    Every 1-3 years according to screening guideline.
    •    High-risk subjects are recommended to take the test every year.
  • Repeat the test as a gut health indicator whenever appropriate.
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Your trusted partner in gut health monitoring

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CRC index computed using a simple unweighted linear combination of log-abundance of 20 gene markers significantly distinguished patients with CRC (red) and control individuals (green), but not patients with type 2 diabetes or IBD and control individuals from other studies, suggesting that the 20 gene markers are CRC-specific. The box depicts the IQRs between the first and third quartiles, and the line inside denotes the median.

M3CRC shows good diagnostic performance in discriminating patients with CRC and adenoma from control subjects according to receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves analysis, with areas under ROC of 0.9763 and 0.7328 respectively.

Diagnostics Solution & Product

A stool microbiome precision test for early detection of colorectal adenoma and cancer.

Principal component analysis based on abundances of 20 gene markers separates CRC cases and control individuals significantly. 

Therapeutics Platform
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We are making important advancements in medicine by harnessing the microbiome as a rich source of novel therapeutics...



"We aim to transform rigorous scientific insights into groundbreaking microbial products with clinical utility."

GenieBiome leverages one of the first and largest Asian human microbial data-driven approaches to therapeutic discoveries. Our expanding disease-specific microbial datasets in contrast with a comprehensive control dataset delivers a rich source of novel therapeutic candidates. We have exceptional ability to achieve accurate species, functional profiles, and metabolic-pathway analysis.

Targeted Microbiome Supplements were derived utilizing large metagenomic microbial datasets and machine-learning approaches to deliver missing microbes and their biologically important functions to correct “dysbiosis” in conditions associated with it.

Multi-functional Live Biotherapeutics uses a unique patented approach to isolate novel health-relevant bacteria and disease-specific bacterial isolates/metabolites for pre-clinical experiments with rapid development into effective biotherapeutics for treatment of humans diseases.


Theapeutics Approach



GenieBiome (Therapeutics) launched G-NiiB Immunity product, a microbiome precision formula that improves immunity against Coronavirus (COVID)-19 and other respiratory infections tailored to Asians. 

G-NiiB Immunity Plus and G-NiiB Immunity Pro are unique microbiome Immunity formulas that can be used as dietary supplements. This formula uses big microbial datasets of over 1000 healthy individuals to select naturally-occurring prevalent live bacteria, in contrast with microbial profile of individuals with COVID-19. It utilizes patented microencapsulated technology from Italy to enhance live bacteria survival and delivery to the colon. Pilot data showed that it is associated with higher antibody response and less adverse effects following COVID-19 vaccine. It is clinically shown to be effective and safe in patients with local novel virus infection.


G-NiiB obtained exclusive patent# licensing from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

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Rejuvenate Your Unique Microbiome 
Boosting Your Immunity

Therapeutics Solution & Product

For more information about G-NiiB Immunity product, please click here

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