Celebrating the Success of the First Hong Kong IBD Summit 2024

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News I Jun 24, 2024

Celebrating the Success of the First Hong Kong IBD Summit 2024

The first-ever Hong Kong IBD Summit successfully concluded, marking a historic moment for the IBD community in Asia. Spearheaded by the esteemed Dr. Joyce Wing Yan Mak and our co-founder Prof. Siew Ng, the event drew close to 200 participants, including overseas speakers and guests, reflecting the rising incidence of IBD in the region. G-NiiB was honored to sponsor and support the event.

This summit served as a beacon of knowledge, fostering dialogue and collaboration among the brightest minds in IBD research and care. The presence of each delegate, including international thought leaders, doctors, specialists, and nurses, enriched the discussions and set the stage for groundbreaking advancements.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Joyce Mak and Prof. Siew Ng for their remarkable leadership in making this summit a resounding success. Their efforts have not only elevated the conversation around IBD but also paved the way for future innovations.

Let’s continue to support such significant events that drive progress and hope for those affected by IBD.

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