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“Our proprietary microbial biomarkers are non-invasive, biologically relevant, and disease-specific.”

G-NiiB GenieBiome’s biomarker discovery platform utilizes in-depth metagenomic analysis of large human microbial datasets and in-house proprietary machine learning approaches to identify microbiome signatures targeted to different human diseases. The gut microbiome is a rich source of biologically relevant biomarkers that can be transformed into precise diagnostic and prognostic tools. Clinicians can use them as non-invasive diagnostic and monitoring tools for early disease detection and prediction to optimize clinical decision and improve patient care.

Turning novel bacteria markers into non-invasive diagnostics

We developed one of the world’s first microbiome-based diagnostic products

to disrupt the diagnostic landscape of cancer diagnosis. Starting with one of the top killers globally, colorectal cancer, we have identified species-specific bacterial gene markers for early detection of colorectal cancer and adenomas. Our bacteria gene markers can detect colorectal cancer early, when it can be cured; and it can detect adenomas and prevent cancer development.

Technology Breakthrough 

Our disruptive technology (M3) provides a new solution by utilising novel fecal bacteria markers to detect colorectal cancer (CRC) early, when it can be cured, and to detect cancer before it even has the chance to develop.  

Multiple bacterial gene markers for CRC have been discovered based on metagenomic sequencing data from the Asian population. Using our own proprietary algorithm, a unique risk score can be generated to determine the risk of CRC.

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Novel fecal microbial diagnostic solutions 

Two non-invasive fecal microbiome diagnostic tests targeting specific gut bacteria species have been developed by the Faculty of Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Early detection facilitates timely intervention and improves prognosis.

Non-invasive risk prediction test for Colorectal Cancer – M3CRC
World’s only fecal microbiome prediction test that detects non-advanced adenoma and recurrent adenoma with high sensitivity
94% sensitivity for CRC, as robust as colonoscopy
Sensitivity for adenoma is superior to currently available non-invasive tests.
Up to 90% sensitivity to predict adenoma recurrence in subjects with a past history of adenomas
Non-invasive, just one stool sample is needed
Dietary recommendations are provided 
Non-invasive risk prediction test for Autism Spectrum Disorder
WORLD'S FIRST non-invasive stool test to predict the risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Microbial taxa and genes as potential biomarkers for diagnosis of ASD
Achieved >85% sensitivity, >90% specificity 
Non-invasive, just one stool sample is needed
Dietary recommendations are provided