G-NiiB Geniebiome

Transforming novel microbiome discoveries into effective diagnostics and therapeutics for better health” 

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Transcending Science into Impact

Our platform technologies are driving new solutions for early disease detection

Discovery Platform

G-NiiB GenieBiome holds a comprehensive and unique databank for unlimited microbiome discoveries

1. Comprehensive clinical samples with metadata
Over 8,000 consistently analysed stool samples with over 1000 longitudinal metadata points per sample in health and diseases.
2. Advanced bioinformatic and AI-driven analysis
Deep metagenomic analysis coupled with machine-learning models to identify species, strains, genes and functional pathways across eight common diseases to inform product development
3. Discoveries of disease-specific and highly accurate microbial signatures
Identify reliable signals by combining in-house and publicly profiled signatures to achieve the most systemically consistent microbial taxonomy and functions
4. Integrative analysis to dissecting complex host-microbe relationships
Extensive metadata including medical history, drugs, diet and lifestyle enables robust insights into identification of truly health- or disease-promoting associated species
5. Partnership with world-leading R & D Centers
G-NiiB GenieBiome’s Discovery Platform continues to develop close partnership with the Microbiota-I Center (MaGIC) to expand databank for data-driven discovery of product opportunities
Diagnostic Platform

“Our proprietary microbial biomarkers are non-invasive, biologically relevant, and disease-specific.”

G-NiiB GenieBiome’s biomarker discovery platform utilizes in-depth metagenomic analysis of large human microbial datasets and in-house proprietary machine-learning approaches to identify microbiome signatures specific to different human diseases with high accuracy

1. Advanced sequencing and proprietary algorithms
G-NiiB GenieBiome’s core diagnostic technology includes metagenomic-sequencing derived-microbial signals transformed into proprietary algorithms to predict risk of diseases
2. At-home stool sample collection
Simple sampling method accurately with preservatives that maintain quality of microbial community profile at room temperature to facilitate convenient storage and transport
3. Development of PCR-based technologies for disease risk prediction
Transforming metagenomic sequencing microbial signals into targeted-PCR approaches and optimization of PCR technologies for highest accuracy
4. Discovery, validation and real-life testing 
G-NiiB GenieBiome’s patented core PCR and metagenomics technology are extensively validated and demonstrates unparalleled performance in discovery, validation and real-life settings. Some of these technologies will be applied in clinical trials for regulatory approval as first-in-class IVD diagnostics
Therapeutic Platform

“Transforming a human first, data-driven microbiome discovery platform to food and drug development for multiple diseases” 

G-NiiB GenieBiome leverages one of the first and largest Asian human microbial data-driven approach to therapeutics development. Our expanding disease-specific microbial datasets compared with a comprehensive control microbial dataset provide a rich source for novel therapeutic candidates. We have the ability to develop novel consortia with beneficial functional and metabolic profiles, to target multiple human diseases. 

1. Human, first and data-driven discovery of lead candidates
Advanced bioinformatics and AI-driven sequencing technologies to identify foundation species that define health and/or are disease-associated 
2. Whole Genome sequencing-directed isolation technique
SOP to target isolation of uncultured portion and anaerobic communities of the human gut microbiome and proprietary WGS-directed isolation approach to isolate novel strains and expedite human sample isolation
3. Building a repository of isolates for biobank
Biobank of novel human-derived microbial isolate cultures from healthy donor stool to develop into potential therapeutic candidates
4. Characterisation of lead candidates
In vitro, ex vivo, in vivo models and animal experiments to define the functions, potential therapeutic activities and indications of candidates
5. Production and manufacturability
Comprehensive assessment to identify the most efficacious single and combined microbial candidates for manufacturing
6. Human testing for safety and efficacy
Partner with local and international institutions to conduct pilot and clinical studies to test on lead candidates

“G-NiiB GenieBiome’s leading technology in modifying the microbiome is driving health transformation for many human diseases”