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“Transforming a human first, data-driven microbiome discovery platform to drug development for multiple diseases” 

G-NiiB GenieBiome leverages one of the first and largest Asian human microbial data-driven approach to therapeutics development. Our expanding disease-specific microbial datasets compared with a comprehensive control microbial dataset provide a rich source for novel therapeutic candidates. We have the ability to develop novel consortia with beneficial functional and metabolic profiles, to target multiple human diseases.

Turning microbes into novel therapeutics 

Our Targeted Microbiome Supplements

were derived utilizing large metagenomic microbial datasets and machine-learning approaches to deliver missing microbes and their biologically important functions to restore “dysbiosis” in conditions associated with it.

Our Multi-functional Live Biotherapeutics

uses our proprietary approach to isolate human-derived novel health-relevant bacteria candidates and metabolites for pre-clinical experiments with rapid development into effective biotherapeutics for the prevention and treatment of human diseases.

Technology Breakthrough 

Our unique Asian human microbiome database, advanced metagenomic sequencing technology and AI-driven data analysis platform enable us to analyse and develop unique, novel microbiome precision therapeutics. With our proprietary techniques, we have isolated over 20 novel live bacteria strains with therapeutically active functions. 

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Evidence-based therapeutics solutions 

Three unique microbiome formulas have been developed by using metagenomic sequencing data and proprietary AI and supported with data from clinic studies from the Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Oral live microencapsulated bacteria for immunity- SIM01
Precise 3+3 Bifidobacteria and Prebiotics Formula with 10 patents
Replenishes beneficial microbes and enhances immunity
Two large-scale placebo-controlled, clinical studies have demonstrated SIM01’s efficacy1,2
Hasten recovery and increase neurtralising IgG in acute COVID-19 infections 
Reduce adverse effects after SARS-CoV-2 vaccination 
Reduces the relative risk of daily infections by 66%1
Alleviates fatigue, difficult in concentration, memory loss, digestive problems and general unwellness in COVID-19 recoverees2 
Improves skin quality, positive mood and sleep quality in average of 100%1
Increased colonization of beneficial bacteria and restore dysbiosis on metagenomic sequencing
Oral live microencapsulated bacteria for gut protection - SMT04
Precise Probiotics and prebiotics formula with 4 patents
Relieves gut problems and guards the gut against serious illness-inducing bacteria 
Strengthens the gut barrier functions and enhances gut protection
Reduced colon-cancer related pathogenic bacteria (Fusobacteria etc) by 83%3
Immune Kids Formula - SIM03
Precise probiotics and prebiotics with extra nutrition intensifiers
Improves symptoms in children with moderate-severe atopic dermatitis (based on validated SCORAD score) 4  
Reduces sensitive skin areas and lesions by 38.9% (SCORAD) 4
Improves overall quality of life score (IDQOL & CDLQI) by 53% 4
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Improvement in Eczema and the Safety of Microbiome Baby Immunity Formula (SIM03) on Childhood Eczema Development - A Pilot Study (Data on File), The Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2022.