Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month: Detect Early Matters

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News I Mar 09, 2024

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month: Detect Early Matters

March shines a spotlight on a vital cause: Colorectal Cancer Awareness. G-NiiB is at the forefront, championing the “Detect Early” initiative. Why? Because early detection isn’t just beneficial—it’s crucial. It’s the beacon guiding us to safer shores, steering us away from the storm of late-stage cancer.

Imagine a world where colorectal cancer no longer claims lives, where early screening is as routine as your morning coffee. That’s the world G-NiiB envisions. Our commitment extends beyond words; it’s a call to action. This month, we’re not merely raising awareness; we’re sparking a movement.

Witness our team making a vow with “Detect Early  早D篩查” (early detection matters) on the street-stairs, conveying this vital message to the community, to everyone around us in Hong Kong.

Join us in this life-saving mission. Schedule your colorectal screening today. Be the hero of your own story. With early detection, we can reverse the tide of cancer. Let’s create history together.

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