Deloitte Honored G-NiiB GenieBiome with China Tech Fast and Mulan Awards

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News I Jan 31, 2024

Deloitte Honored G-NiiB GenieBiome with China Tech Fast and Mulan Awards

We are proud to announce that G-NiiB GenieBiome has received multiple prestigious awards from Deloitte, the world’s leading professional services organization, for its outstanding growth and leadership in the technology in China, following the two Deloitte Tech Fast awards received  in Hong Kong last week.

G-NiiB GenieBiome has been recognized as one of the 2023 Deloitte China Technology Fast 50 companies. G-NiiB GenieBiome ranked #4 on the “China Top 50 List”. This award ranks the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in China based on their revenue growth over the past three years. The award showcases the leading companies that are reshaping the industry with cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

Moreover, our CEO Rachel Fan has been honored with the 2023 Deloitte China Tech Fast Mulan Award. This is a new award that celebrates the most innovative and influential female entrepreneurs in China, who are driving the change and creating value for their customers and society through technology and innovation. The award also aims to inspire a culture of female leadership and empowerment in China.

We would like to thank our co-founder Prof Francis Chan and two women leaders, co-founder Prof Siew Ng and CEO Rachel Fan, for their dedication and unfailing support to lead and build G-NiiB GenieBiome as a role model in biotechnology. We believe the future of health and wellness lies in the power of the gut microbiome, and we are committed to making novel microbiome solutions accessible for everyone with clinically proven evidence.

We would also like to thank Deloitte, our partners and customers for their support and recognition. We will continue to leverage our core competencies and microbiome technology to create value for our stakeholders and society.