G-NiiB GenieBiome - The Secret to a Happy Culture

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News I Feb 20, 2024

G-NiiB GenieBiome - The Secret to a Happy Culture

G-NiiB GenieBiome harnesses microbial technology to improve human health and wellness. It fosters a happy culture and prioritizes its employees’ well-being to recruit and retain outstanding talents.

  • Providing quality health products for employees: Through offering its own probiotic products, healthy snacks and drinks in the office, the company encourages employees to improve their gut health and vitality.
  • Providing comfortable rest space at office: The company provides an excellent environment for employees to dine and rest, allowing employees to relax, build friendships, and enjoy fun after work.
  • Extending warm blessings to employees and their families: The company arranges off-work time on festive occasions, and sends gifts to employees with newborns, expressing care and love. G-NiiB GenieBiome aims to create a second home for employees and share in their happiness.
  • Building effective team communication and cooperation: Through monthly breakfast meetings and birthday celebrations, and quarterly “team building” activities, like bowling, hiking and retreats, the company strengthens employee relations and cultivate a sense of belonging.

G-NiiB GenieBiome was honored with the CHO Appreciation Award 2023 - SME Award, recognizing its commitment to sustainable business management philosophy.

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