G-NiiB Molecular and MicroBiome Laboratory’s Grand Opening

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News I Sep 26, 2022

G-NiiB Molecular and MicroBiome Laboratory’s Grand Opening

Yesterday we celebrated the grand opening of our new G-NiiB Molecular and MicroBiome Laboratory, and we are pleased to welcome our research staff to our new workplace.


It was a historic occasion for GenieBiome, a ribbon-cutting ceremony by our two founders, Prof. Francis Chan and Prof. Siew Ng, CEO, Rachel Fan, and Honorary Advisor, Alan Chow. We greatly appreciate all the support from everyone, and we are grateful to everyone who took the time to attend this momentous ceremony.


Having our own molecular and microbiome laboratory is one of the particularly important milestones for our company. It signifies GenieBiome’s commitment to our diagnostics portfolio and our research in the pipeline, and this is only the beginning of the journey. Through creating a unique solution for early disease detection, prevention, and personalized treatment, we are dedicated to bringing health and happiness to mankind.


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