GenieBiome launched M3CRC Non-invasive colorectal cancer risk prediction test

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News I Oct 10, 2021

GenieBiome launched M3CRC Non-invasive colorectal cancer risk prediction test


GenieBiome Limited is proud to announce the launch of its #M3CRC home test kit, the world’s only non-invasive colorectal cancer (CRC) risk prediction test that can detect CRC at 94% sensitivity. This scientific breakthrough is derived from more than 10 years of research from the Centre for Microbiota Research of a local university. With accuracy that rivals the traditional #colonoscopy, it can also detect small and big #colorectal#adenomas and more importantly, predict their recurrence at 90% sensitivity 👍🏻. Gaining strong support from medical professionals, the M3CRC home test kit is currently available in more than 80 designated clinics ✅, medical groups ✅ and private hospitals ✅ in Hong Kong.


M3CRC is a convenient at-home test that allows the patient to collect their stool sample at home. Once the sample is received at a designated clinic, analysis will be conducted and a report sent to the patient’s doctor in two weeks’ time.


Rachel Fan, CEO of GenieBiome said, “Traditionally, physicians are more likely to offer colonoscopies than stool testing, but we know that many patients refuse the procedure due to the pre-colonoscopy procedure that cause inconvenience e.g., diet restriction, bowel clearance, and the potential risks of the colonoscopy especially in the aged, such as bleeding and/or perforated bowel. When doctors offer M3CRC at-home stool kits as an alternative, patients would be more willing to take the test as a first line screening. GenieBiome Limited has the mission to offer more microbiome health solutions to people in need. With the role of M3CRC to fill the gap between doing nothing and invasive screening, we aim to encourage more people to receive gut health screening at ease, and stopped the life threatening disease to develop at the earliest possible stage.”


The M3CRC test kit is made in Hong Kong.